Hallo Schönheiten!

Hier findet ihr eine kleine Liste meiner Lieblinge und Helferlein. Alles, was bereits verlinkt ist, könnt ihr hier auf dem Blog finden. Natürlich könnt ihr euch auch speziell einen Lack beziehungsweise eine Review wünschen, falls ihr etwas entdeckt, dass euch besonders interessiert. Viel Spaß beim Stöbern! ;)

Eure Kaki

A England - Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty)

Absolute Nails 07 Sara
Absolute Nails 13 Precious
Absolute Nails 15 Fireworks
Absolute Nails 17 Light-Hearted (Chrome)
Absolute Nails 18 Be Balanced (Chrome)

Accessorize 35 Pink Spice
Accessorize 36 Gold Dust

Anny 303 Spicy Thing

Artdeco 68 Pebble Grey

Barry M 323 Croc Effects

Barry M 343 Burgundy Croc

Catrice 010 Don’t Feed The Birds

Catrice 01 Fuchsiarama
Catrice 15 Denim Moore
Catrice 020 Man, Go Tango
Catrice 04 Oyster & Champagne (Crushed Crystals)
Catrice 25 Robert's Red Ford
Catrice 30 Lilactric
Catrice 33 In The Army Glow
Catrice 34 Squeeze Me
Catrice 36 Mint Me Up
Catrice 43 Miami pINK
Catrice 46 Berry Potter and Plumbledore
Catrice 59 First Class Up-Grape

Catrice 60 Out Of The Dark
Catrice 060 Mona Lisa Is Starring Back (Ultimate Nudes)
Catrice 070 Caught On The Red Carpet
Catrice 76 C U At Limessquare
Catrice 090 Karl Says Très Chic (Ultimate Nudes)
Catrice 120 Plum Play With Me
Catrice 130 Lucky In Lilac
Catrice 140 Let’s Mauve On!
Catrice 150 Big Spender Wanted!
Catrice 170 I Scream Peach
Catrice 180 Hot Or Not?
Catrice 200 From Dusk To Dawn
Catrice 210 Just Married!
Catrice 220 Lost In Mud
Catrice 230 Clay-Ton, My Hero
Catrice 240 Sold Out Forever
Catrice 250 I Sea You!
Catrice 260 Blue’s Brother
Catrice 270 It Blue My Mind
Catrice 280 London’s Weather Forecast
Catrice 300 Be My Millionaire
Catrice 330 Absolutely Chinchilly!
Catrice 340 Run Forest Run!
Catrice 350 Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans!
Catrice 360 Raspberry Fields Forever
Catrice 390 Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!
Catrice 420 Dirty Berry
Catrice 430 Purplelized
Catrice 440 I Wear My Sunglasses At Night
Catrice 450 Sand Francisco
Catrice 460 In The Bronx
Catrice 490 Iron Mermaiden
Catrice 510 Bye, Bye Birdy!
Catrice 520 Apropos Apricot
Catrice 530 Up In The Air
Catrice 540 Am I Blue Or Green? [2]
Catrcie 550 Marilyn & Me
Catrice 560 Rusty But Sexy
Catrice 600 After Eight
Catrice 620 Captain Sparrow’s Boat
Catrice 640 Grey's Kelly
Catrice 650 Goldfinger
Catrice 680 Khaki Perry
Catrice 740 King Of Greens
Catrice 860 Browno Mars
Catrice 900 Steel My Heart
Catrice 905 Steel My Soul
Catrice 910 Oh My Goldness!
Catrice 915 George Blueney

Catrice C01 Be Aztec! (Upper Wildside)
Catrice C01 Be Pool (Nymphelia)
Catrice C01 Jungle  Treasure (Glamazona)
Catrice C01 Paralilac (Celtica)
Catrice C01 Pearls&Chains (Urban Baroque)
Catrice C01 Pinkroque (Arts Collection)
Catrice C01 Spruced Up (Expect The Unexpected)
Catrice C01 Underwater Laugh (Le Grand Bleu)
Catrice C01 White and Seek (Hidden World)
Catrice C01 Yes, You Tan! (Bohemia)
Catrice C02 Bronzed Brown (Caramé)
Catrice C02 Forevergreen (Arts Collection)
Catrice C02 Holly Rose Wood (Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties)
Catrice C02 Looking Greyt (Expect The Unexpected)
Catrice C02 Million Dollar Baby (Million Styles)
Catrice C02 Rock Barock (Urban Baroque)
Catrice C02 Walk On Air (Hidden World)
Catrice C02 Welcome To The Jungle (Papagena)
Catrice C03 Amazonian Gold (Papagena)
Catrice C03 Beam Me Scotty! (Out Of Space)
Catrice C03 Bronze-Deco (Arts Collection)
Catrice C03 Colour Bomb (Revoltaire)
Catrice C03 Looking Sunkissed (Bohemia)
Catrice C03 Marlene's Favourite (Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties) 
Catrice C03 Miss Money Penny (Million Styles)
Catrice C03 Wood You Follow Me? (Hidden World)
Catrice C04 Allure (Thrilling Me Softly)
Catrice C04 Biscuits & Cupcakes (Urban Baroque)
Catrice C04 Feel The Yacht Beat (Cruise Couture)

Catrice C04 Rest In The Forest (Siberian Call)
Catrice C04 Walk In The Woods (Floralista)
Catrice C05 Daredevil (Thrilling Me Softly)
Catrice C05 Mermaid It (Le Grand Bleu)

China Glaze 933 Classic Camel

China Glaze 956 Knotty (Anchors Away)

Edding L.A.Q.U.E.169 Bright Burgundy

Essence 01 Banana Joe (Fruity)
Essence 01 Desert Fox (Into The Wild)
Essence 01 Gold Old Buffy (Vampire’s Love)
Essence 01 Jungle Drum (Return To Paradise)
Essence 01 Stamp Me! White
Essence 01 Steel-ing The Scene (Metal Glam)
Essence 01 Waking Up In Vegas (Dance Top Coat)
Essence 02 Circus Confetti (Special Effect Topper)
Essence 02 Copper Rulez! (Metallics)
Essence 02 Festival Of Colours (Arriba)
Essence 02 Iced Strawberry Cream (Nude Glam)
Essence 02 I’m A Berliner (I Love Berlin)
Essence 02 Into The Dark (Vampire’s Love)
Essence 02 Julia (Nail Art Twins)
Essence 02 Like A Doll (Show Off!)
Essence 02 My Little Orchid (Return To Paradise)
Essence 02 Peach Beauty (Fruity)
Essence 02 Thirsty! (Eclipse)
Essence 02 White Secret
Essence 03 Heart Chakra (Into The Wild)
Essence 03 Hello Holo (Special Effect Topper)
Essence 03 Iced Age Reloaded (Crystalliced)
Essence 03 Magic Wand! (Magnetics)
Essence 03 Mystic Lilac (Wild Craft)

Essence 03 Pink To Go (Brit-Tea)
Essence 03 Steel Me (Metallics)
Essence 03 True Love (Vampire’s Love)
Essence 03 Very Cherry (Fruity)
Essence 04 Bongo Drums (Into The Wild)
Essence 04 Fruit Punch (Return To Paradise)
Essence 04 Hide Bella Hide (Eclipse)
Essence 04 Humpty Dumpty (Fairytale)
Essence 04 No Better Way To Sky (Legends Of The Sky)
Essence 04 One Kiwi A Day (Fruity)
Essence 04 Space Queen
Essence 04 The Dawn Is Broken (Vampire’s Love)
Essence 05 Frosted Champaign (Crystalliced)
Essence 05 Holoberry (Holografics)
Essence 05 Mashed Berries (Fruity)
Essence 05 Ready To Be Bitten (Eclipse)
Essence 05 Tinka’s Dress (Fairytale)
Essence 06 Flying Higher (Legends Of The Sky)
Essence 06 Welcome To Wonderland (Fairytale)
Essence 06 You’re A Gold Mine (Special Effect Topper)
Essence 12 Holo Topping, Please! (Special Effect Topper)
Essence 18 Check Me Out
Essence 22 What Do You Think?
Essence 23 Sundancer
Essence 25 Prince Charming
Essence 27 Blurry Up! (Pastel Ombré)
Essence 32 Gold Rush
Essence 38 Choose Me!
Essence 39 Lime Up!
Essence 44 Modern Romance
Essence 55 Spot On (Multi Dimension)
Essence 62 Reach Peach
Essence 67 Make It Golden
Essence 72 Found My Love (Multi Dimension)
Essence 72 Time For Romance [2]
Essence 116 Gorgeous Bling Bling
Essence 119 Boho Chic
Essence 120 Cookie Love

Essence 132 Break Through
Essence 134 Stuck On You
Essence 139 Walk On The Wild Side
Essence 142 Grey-t To Be Here
Essence BTGN Top Sealer
Essence Express Dry Drops
Essence Peel Off Base Coat (Ready For Boarding)
Essence ProWhite French Nagelaufheller
Essence ProWhite Nail Hardener
Essence Tip Painter 11 Grape-Metallic Rocks!
Essence Tip Painter 12 Metallic Champagne
Essence Tip Painter Nagelspitzenweiß

Essie 1 Blanc

Essie 12 Tea & Crumpets
Essie 27 Watermelon

Essie 44 Bahama Mama
Essie 46 Damsel In A Dress

Essie 58 Jag-U-Are
Essie 73 Cute As A Button
Essie 82 Buy Me A Cameo
Essie 88 Licorice
Essie 89 Over The Edge
Essie 99 Mint Candy Apple
Essie 207A Navigate Her (Navigate Her)
Essie 218A All Tied Up (Bikini So Teeny) [2]
Essie 220A Cascade Cool (Bikini So Teeny)
Essie 225A Camera (Poppyrazzi)
Essie 227A Action (Poppyrazzi)

Essie 243 Beyond Cozy (Leading Lady)
Essie 246 Leading Lady (Leading Lady)
Essie 266 Naughty Nautical (Naughty Nautical)
Essie 268 Sunday Funday (Naughty Nautical)
Essie 339 Bump Up The Pumps (Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low)
Essie Good To Go
Essie Rock Solid

Keyté 2 (Creme Soft)

Kiko 399 Silk Taupe (Lavish Oriental)
Kiko 702 (Magnetic)
Kiko 706 (Magnetic)

Kosmetik Kosmo Binoctium
Kosmetik Kosmo Brombadour
Kosmetik Kosmo Drachenzunge
Kosmetik Kosmo Sternenstaub

L'Oréal 106 Versailles Gold (Color Riche)

L'Oréal 805 Mysterious Icon (Color Riche)

Manhattan 03 Lacque Hole (Supernova)
Manhattan 05 Shoeaholic (M & Buffalo)
Manhattan 07S Green Chai (Styleproofed)
Manhattan 08M Rodeo Drive (Modepilot)
Manhattan 09M Roppongi (Modepilot)
Manhattan 10M SoHo (Modepilot)
Manhattan 1 (Only)
Manhattan 13 Frrrozen Yogurth (M & Buffalo)
Manhattan 15 Berry Hot (M & Buffalo)

Manhattan 3 (Only)
Manhattan 5 (Only)
Manhattan 1010N
Manhattan 11A
Manhattan 35L (M & Buffalo)
Manhattan 81T Frozen Green (Naughty Nails)
Manhattan 95E (M & Buffalo)
Manhattan 96D
Manhattan ProMat Top Coat

Maybelline 08 Passionate Red

Maybelline 18 Iced Mauve
Maybelline 535D Red Comete
Maybelline 60 White Dream
Maybelline 82 Plum

Micro Cell 2000

MNY 409A (I’m A Iced Angel)

MNY 753
MNY 761


Nivea 432 Pink Panther

Nivea 81 Pastel White

OPI HLB09 Rising Star (Burlesque)

OPI HLB10 Take The Stage (Burlesque)
OPI HLB11 The Show Must Go On (Burlesque)
OPI HLB13 Ali's Big Break (Burlesque)
OPI HLB14 Teas-y Does It (Burlesque)
OPI HLC05 Wocka Wocka! (Muppets)
OPI HLC08 Warm & Fozzie (Muppets)
OPI HLD17 Live And Let Die (James Bond - Skyfall)
OPI HLD18 The World Is Not Enough (James Bond - Skyfall)

OPI NLB59 My Private Jet
OPI NLE73 Suzi's Hungary AGAIN! (Euro Centrale)
OPI NLE77 Hands Off My Kielbasa! (Euro Centrale)
OPI NLE79 A Woman's Prague-ative (Euro Centrale)
OPI NLF60 I Knead Sour-Dough (San Francisco)
OPI NLF61 Muir Muir On The Wall (San Francisco)
OPI NLK07 Teenage Dream (Katy Perry)
OPI NLK08 The One That Got Away (Katy Perry)
OPI NLK09 Not Like The Movies (Katy Perry) [2]
OPI NLK10 Last Friday Night (Katy Perry)
OPI NLT14 Austin-tatious Turquoise (Texas)
OPI NLT19 Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em (Texas)
OPI NLZ11 I'm Suzi & I'm A Chocoholic (Swiss)

P2 010 Anise (Spices & Herbs)
P2 010 Grey Denim (Denim Delight)
P2 015 Gracious

P2 017 Elegant
P2 020 Glossy
P2 030 Ambition (Into Lace)
P2 030 Indigo Denim (Denim Delight)

P2 040 Lovely
P2 042 Being In Heaven
P2 043 Dream Lover
P2 044 Dating Time
P2 050 Allurement (Into Lace)
P2 052 Goodnight Kiss (Last Forever)
P2 143 Forever
P2 146 Soulful
P2 207 Stormy
P2 222 Artful
P2 270 Scandal
P2 300 Vibrant
P2 531 Blue's Time
P2 545 Just Need Style!
P2 550 Dangerous
P2 580 Funky
P2 610 Groovy
P2 730 Hug Me!
P2 870 Sparkling Surprise

P2 996 Before Sunrise
P2 Anti-Splitt Coat
P2 Crackling Top Coat 010 Black Explosion
P2 Crackling Top Coat 020 Silver Blast
P2 Crackling Top Coat 030 Golden Rush
P2 Crackling Top Coat 040 White Revolution
P2 Crackling Top Coat 050 Pink Shock

P2 Nail Care Oil
P2 Nail Polish Thinner
P2 Pearl Crackling Top Coat 010 Violet Fusion
P2 Pearl Crackling Top Coat 020 Blue Thunder
P2 Pearl Crackling Top Coat 030 Red Volcano
P2 Peel-Off Base Coat
P2 Quick Dry Spray

Rival de Loop Nagelhauterweichergel

Rival de Loop Young 02 Lilac Glow (Golden Glow)

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry

Sally Hansen 841 Lady Lavender

u.m.a. Mr. Perfect